The interactive soiree is the perfect way to break the ice and breath fresh ideas into longtime friendships. Shopping, recipes and direction and oversight is all done. You and your friends just cook and have fun.

Bring the ease of and elegance of fine dining home. Enjoy a custom designed menu in the comfort of your own home. No babysitter, no driving, no shopping or cooking.
I do it all

You want to make a multi-step, complex dish for your dinner party. Even if time allows the process is daunting. Let me prepare the dish of your dreams and deliver it in an almost complete state with explicit directions for you to finish at your leisure and take full credit for cooking - and it will be true! 

Home cooking classes, in my home.  Professional level cooking adapted for the in home cook.

Basic skills and techniques aimed at enhancing your comfort level and ability in the kitchen. Broad stroke method and philosophy peppered with Global influences and ingredients and how they interact.